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Julia Rose Botanicals specializes in premium-grade, organic medical-use essential oils, floral waters, carrier oils, electro-mechanical diffusers and a variety of other items to meet the needs of the professional and end-user alike. We also offer special "blends" of essential oils to meet specific needs.

The founders of Julia Rose Botanicals have over 30 years of aromatherapy experience. Julia Rose Botanicals is now celebrating its thirteenth year of offering quality products and excellent service.

Our phone number is (303) 668-4884. At Julia Rose you can actually speak with a live caring person who can answer your questions or quickly process your order. OR... When ordering on this website, the order processing is handled simply and easily through our convenient Shopping Cart processing center.


Julia Rose Botanicals offers two levels of instruction by Raphael J. d'Angelo, MD, in medical aromatherapy which provides an excellent background for the safety and practice of this healing modality. NOTE:  Aromatic Medicine courses can lead to certification as a Clinical Aromatherapy (CA) practitioner.

Once again, thank you for your interest . . . and Welcome!